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Your Guide to Pine, Arizona

Need an escape from the fast-paced city & traffic in Phoenix? Head Northeast for a day trip to Pine, Arizona for a refreshing trip of sightseeing, hiking amongst the pines, and some delicious eateries.

The ponderosa pine forest gives this scenic city its name. Pine is known for its scenic environment and beautiful trails perfect for riding, walking, and exploring the wild. Here, you can enjoy the ideal outdoor experiences with friends and family.

Check out our most recommended places for you to visit while on your trip…

Most Significant Landmark – Travertine Bridge

The Travertine Bridge is the masterpiece at the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, cacti and pine trees have grown along the park trail making for a lovely nature walk. Geological forces lead to the formation of this natural bridge and there are four viewpoints that you can easily access!

Best Park – Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

Tonto National Forest has a variety of thrilling activities. It’s the fifth-largest forest in Arizona and has more than 400 named mountains in place. If you enjoy adventures in the forest, a trip to this place will be worthwhile. You will enjoy wildlife viewing, beautiful views, and exclusive activities.

Best Activity for Kids – Fishing at Knoll Lake

Surrounded by ponderosa pines, with a picturesque island in its middle, Knoll Lake provides a scenic setting in which to enjoy your canoe or a small boat. Fishing is good here too, offering rainbow, brown, and brook trout.

Best Activity for Adults – Mogollon Rim

Mogollon Rim is famous for its breathtaking view that overlooks the forest full of pine trees. There are many excellent recreational activities to engage in here rock climbing, horse riding, hiking, hunting, fishing, and more!

Best Food – Old County Inn

They offer tasty and unique food including woodfire pizza, delicious salads, and much more. The Old County Inn offers excellent craft beer, such as the Scottsdale Blonde, a delectable smooth beer made in Tempe. More so, the restaurant is pet friendly, so you can bring your furry friends!

Best Nightlife – THAT Brewery and Pub

After exploring the city, Pine you can unwind and spend the day at THAT Brewery and Pub. This is the perfect spot to mingle with old friends and make new ones while sampling beer flights, enjoying a pint, and eating yummy food.

Best all-around accommodation – Strawberry Inn

Pine, Arizona is a fantastic place to visit, away from the big cities and towns. It is full of fresh air and beautiful scenarios where you can do all your outdoor and indoor activities!

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