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Why Selling your Home During the Holidays Can Benefit You!

With the Holiday season approaching, many are contemplating on selling their home during the holidays. The market is currently in the seller’s advantage because of low inventory for buyers and homes are selling well above the asking price along with multiple offers. Sellers still have enough time to prepare their home for the winter market. Here are 5 benefits to selling your home during the holidays!


1. Buyers looking for a home during the holidays are seriously motivated!

Buyers that search for homes during the holidays are seriously motivated to buy for various reasons. Sometimes buyers have been searching for their dream home throughout the year but simply have not found “the one.” Or maybe the buyer’s found their dream home, put an offer on it and lost. The holiday season gives buyer’s more determination to find their dream home to create new memories within the new year!

2. Your home looks wonderful during the holidays! Capitalize on it! Emotion plays a big part in home purchases.

Nothing feels more like home than seeing a beautiful, decorated home for the holidays. Emotions play a big part in the buying  process and buying during the holidays can emphasize these emotions. When a future buyer sees your decorated home, they can imagine their family homecoming for the next holiday season.

3. Buyers have more time off during the holidays.

During the work year, it can be difficult for buyers to look at properties because of their limited time. With more time off to enjoy the holiday season, future homebuyers have more flexibility to preview homes.

4. Relocations happen in January. List now for January/February closings!

Many companies relocate employees at this time and they are serious, qualified buyers.

5. Many people have tax reasons to buy before the year ends.

If you close by December 31, you can deduct property taxes, mortgage interest, points on your loan and interest costs.


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