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We’ve Got A Spring Cleaning Checklist For Every Type Of Person

Spring cleaning is officially here! Even though the majority of our society is home during this quarantine, it does not mean people are excited to clean. However, if you are a deep cleaner, bare minimum cleaner or somewhere in-between kind of cleaner…we have a spring cleaning list just for you! Take a look ahead, to find which list of tasks fits your needs. Then print it out and keep it handy while you tackle your spaces this season.

Type-A cleaner, this checklist is for you. This sort of person is likely to keep their home tidy, so they’re going to want to concentrate on the nitty-gritty tasks. That means, always thoroughly dusting — forgotten spots like light fixtures, pipes, and appliances, as well as wiping them down with an all-purpose cleaner. They should also take a peek under the sink. Although you won’t need a checklist for the most obvious tasks because you’re already on top of those.


If you hate cleaning but can clean well…this one is for you! If you do not feel like cleaning, we recommend cleaning smart. This checklist will help you clean the big, important areas.


For the in-between person who doesn’t want to get all down and dirty in their spring cleaning routine but needs to tidy up a little, we suggest doing a combination of large tasks and nitty-gritty ones. You can scrub out areas behind and below your kitchen appliances, but you don’t really need to clean your appliances deeply.



Source: Olivia Harrison / Refinery 29


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