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New Short Term Ordinance

NATIONAL MAKE YOUR BED DAY - September 11, 2022 - National Today

The cities new ordinance adopted in January marks the first time Litchfield Park has attempted to regulate short-term vacation rentals. Letter soon will be sent to homeowners of short term rental properties informing them of the ordinance.

  • The new ordinance requires homeowners to register the vacation rental with the city, and prohibits any non-residential use, such as renting a home out for parties or events.
  • The new ordinance also requires homeowners to post their contact information in a conspicuous place in the rental and requires homeowners to be available either in person or over the phone, should law enforcement ask to speak to them.
  • Homeowners could pay a $500 fine for a first time offense.
  • Those who commit three or more offenses in a 24 month period could be deemed “habitual offenders “and may face a class one misdemeanor.
  • Penalties could include a fine of up to $2,500 and a jail sentence of up to six months for anyone who “causes, permits, facilitate, aides or abets” violations.
  • Homeowners must update their information with the city within 10 days of any changes.

Here is the form for registration: Download Form.