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November Home Maintenance Checklist

Home MaintenanceSaves you money

Owning a home requires a lot more responsibility than renting. If something breaks down, there’s no landlord to come and fix the problem; it’s in the owner’s hands. That means the responsibility of keeping a home clean and maintained is up to the homeowners.

While it’s true, maintenance takes some money, dedication and hard work, in the long run, you save much more money than if you didn’t do maintenance. Why is this? According to Your Money: the Missing Manual, for every dollar you spend on preventative maintenance around the home, you save approximately $100 in future repairs. That’s because taking care of small problems now (a dirty filter or clogged drain) makes it so you don’t have the problem worsen over time and develop into a larger issue (a burned-out HVAC motor or burst pipe.) Those bigger problems that tend to crop up after not maintaining a home cost significantly more than a new furnace filter every month or so.

Here is your November Checklist:  

  • Clear out your junk drawers
  • Snake drains
  • Vacuum HVAC clear of debris
  • Inspect fire extinguishers
  • Inspect toilets for leaks and tighten up any loose parts

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