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Most Popular Family- Friendly Dogs

The Most Popular Family- Friendly Dogs according to Pet MD.

You can choose good family dogs based on three major factors:

  • Temperament – This is the dog’s personality.
  • Size – Size should be looked at in relation to both temperament and energy level.
  • Energy level – This is a matter of preference for your family. Be realistic about the lifestyle you can provide to a dog that needs more exercise than average.

Always meet the dog and ask the breeder or shelter worker  a few questions before making such an important decision.

Here are five sample questions to ask, according to Holly Putnam, DVM, board member for the Association of Shelter Veterinarians:

  1. Is the dog safe for all members of the family? Some dogs are perfectly happy to socialize with everyone in the family, while some prefer only adults or one gender.
  2. What type of energy level is the dog?  You may want a dog that will accompany you and the family on long walks, or one that can be carried in your arms the majority of the time.
  3. What ongoing care will the dog require? Is it a longhaired dog who will need regular grooming, or a senior who may need more frequent veterinary visits?
  4. What age of dog are you looking for? Would you prefer a puppy who may require lots of training but will likely socialize well with the entire family, or would you prefer an adult dog who is potty trained, but may be more shy when friends come visit?
  5. Will this dog get along with other pets? If you have other pets at home, you will want to choose a dog that likes other animals, and be sure that your animals like the new dog.

 Here is a list of 10 family- friendly dogs: 

1.Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is well-known family dog, with a beautiful golden coat. Those children fond of Homeward Bound will remember Shadow, the Golden Retriever, fondly. They are wonderful companions for children and adults alike and pick up good behavior and new commands quickly.

2.Labrador Retriever

Though depicted as a difficult and ornery dog in the comedy Marley and Me, the Labrador Retriever is actually a great pet for kids. Black, yellow and chocolate Labs are the three recognized colors for this breed. While they shed a lot, notes DogTime, families that are prepared to brush daily and vacuum regularly may not be too bothered by their thick coats.


With a quick wit about them, the Poodle is often considered one of the smartest dog breeds. Poodles were bred to retrieve things from the water and their “beauty without brains” image gives them little of the credit due.

4.Irish Setter

A silky red coat, long ears and sweet expression is the staple of the Irish Setter. The dog makes a great companion for families who are looking to train a smart dog with patience and will appreciate a high-energy level pet, according to the AKC. This dog needs an active family who loves to exercise him.


Medium-sized and bred for hunting, the Vizsla tends to be overlooked and underrated when it comes to choosing a family dog. Though he will require daily exercise and thrives as part of an active family, the Vizsla shows the intelligence bred.


The large romping, lovable dog may be America’s most well known Newfoundland. Also known for short as the Newf or Newfie among Newfoundland owners, this gigantic breed has a sweet disposition that makes him a wonderful dog for kids.


The Collie Club of America points out that the average Collie ranges from 22-26” high and weighs 50-70 lbs. These dogs are beautiful, as well as intelligent friends to a family, says The Collie Club of America. The Collie is well-known for being easy to train and, despite their heavy shedding, are very clean dogs.

8.Bull Terrier

The Target dog is represented by a Bull Terrier. With a flat head that slopes evenly into his snout, the muscular Bull Terrier is a gentle breed that usually makes a good fit for a family dog, according to Dog Breed Info.This breed is a medium-large dog that will not be injured easily by rough play.


The Beagle is a floppy-eared dog that is well-known by children in the form of Snoopy, Garfield’s pal Odie or Shiloh. They are wonderful with children. They must be regularly exercised, and their food intake must be carefully monitored to avoid obesity in this breed, which will happen very quickly without prevention.


Bulldogs are a loving and gentle dog. They still make great guard dogs with a good sense for when something is wrong. If the Bulldog is allowed to think it is the leader of the home, then it may show aggressiveness towards other dogs or even humans .It can be easily managed with strong and gentle leadership and training.The English Bulldog is an affectionate sweetheart and great for families with kids.

Don’t Forget: It is National Dog Day on August 26th, 2016.

Courtesy of Pet MD and the Web


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