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Low Maintenance Indoor Plants You Can’t Kill

Some of us are natural born gardeners…and then there are some who are just plant KILLERS! Incorporating indoor plants into your home can be time-consuming if you choose very high-maintenance plants. If you are busy like the majority of us, we need the easiest, low maintenance plants that we can keep alive and look beautiful in our homes. Here are the cutest, low maintenance indoor plants that need minimal light and water!

Here are some pictures for ideas on where to place your plants within your home!

ZZ Plant | Design: EH Design – Chanhassen Project: Family Room Reveal


Snake Plant – Design: EH Design – Chanhasssen Project Family Room Reveal


Snake Plant – Design: Suburban Bee’s


Snake Plant – Design: EH Design – Osseo Project


Cactus Plant | Design – Arcadia Design Group


Fiddle Leaf Fig | Design: Studio McGee


Split Leaf Philodendron | Source: Design Sponge


Rubber Tree Plant | Source: Dusty Lu


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