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LFP Flag Program by Eagle Troop 90

Litchfield Park | Flag Program

By Eagle Troop 90

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The holiday flag display program was initiated in 1994 by Eagle Troop 90 with three goals in mind. First, it generates funds that are used to purchase new troop equipment and to help troop members earn part of their way to summer camp or other activities. Second, it provides a way for Troop 90 to display their community spirit and pride in their country. Third, it provides the opportunity for the entire troop, boys and parents, to work together on a worthwhile project. Currently, many Litchfield Park homeowners proudly display the Country’s flag on 8 of our national holidays through the efforts of our young men. This project has been approved by the Litchfield Park City Council and endorsed by the Cityspace Committee.
The program is managed by adult leaders and maintained by the boys. The boys sell the subscriptions and help make new flags, and the adults make sure everything is running smoothly. There is a yearly cost of $70 associated with the Flag Program. The commitment of the Garcia Group would be to enroll ONE new Litchfield Park resident every month.  So if you are new to our neighborhood, reach out and we will pick up the tab for the first year.  Just send an email to us at with the subject line “Litchfield Park Flag Program and we’ll sponsor the first resident to request this each month.  Looking forward to seeing this program grow in 2022.
Days of posting: The flags are put up in the subscribers yard on Martin Luther King day, Presidents day, Memorial day, Flag day, Independence day, Labor day, Veteran’s day, and Columbus day.
Posting: The flags are posted in a receiver that is put in by Troop 90, which stays in the yard at all times. The flags are put up in the morning, and retired before dark.

If you are interested in enrolling, please Click here for the Flag Program Application.

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