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How Do You Know You Found The Perfect Home?

After multiple showings, you come across a home that stood out from the rest. You get excited but then a thought slips into mind, “How do I know I found the right home?” It is normal to be a little hesitant when buying a home because it is a big decision. Having an ethical real estate agent will help you confidently make the right decision for you and your family.

If you decide to think about the home for a couple of days, you will most likely lose the chance to put an offer on it. The faster you know this is the perfect home for you, there is a higher chance it will be yours.

The one advice I can give you when making any big decision is to always trust your gut. You always know what is best for yourself deep down. If you still are not sure, here are a few signs to look out for during your showing that can help guide you.

1. You Get Excited the Moment You Pull Into the Driveway

Love at first sight? If so, the curb appeal made an impression on you that creates the desire to see more of the house. You start to compare the home to the neighboring ones and you think this house is the best…that’s a good sign!

2. You Feel Like You Are Home When You Walk Through the Front Door

The moment you enter the home you feel at peace. You can picture yourself leaving and entering this home for years to come.

3. You See No Flaws 

During showings, agents will look for any possible building or design complications so you are fully aware of possible flaws that may bother you years later. Even if your agents do, you do not care and will look over it because you are so in love with the home.

4. The Interior Designer Inside You Is Getting Excited

With every step you take inside the home, you are already sketching an interior design layout for every room in your head. As your agent is talking you, you’re already responding with the color scheme you want to paint the walls.

5. The House Fits Your Needs

When purchasing a home, it is very important that you create a list of needs you want your future home to meet. Even though you may not hit every point on it, the home you are falling in love should meet the desired space, rooms and bathroom numbers you need to feel comfortable and happy. For example, you may have put a pool on your list and now you’re dream home does not have one. You can compromise or eventually build a pool. There are endless opportunities to have your dream home meet your needs and wants.

In summary, TRUST YOUR GUT and you will have your dream home! Do not give up.

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