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Are you  ready to take your career to the next level?  Are you looking for a fun & new opportunity in the ever-growing real estate market?  If so, you may be the one we’re looking for!  The Garcia Group has a distinct tradition of employing driven, committed, and  energetic professionals.




Garcia Group’s Mission Statement


We are guided by timeless core values and attract & retain only those agents that share our passion. We will provide one another with a supportive, enjoyable working environment where we can learn, grow, and succeed both personally and professionally. This mission is the essence of who we are and how we interact with one another.

Garcia Group

We provide our agents top of the line lead management tools and training to convert at the highest possible level.  We pride ourselves in always being at the forefront of implementing innovative technology.

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  • What we track, can be measured
  • We always own it
  • Honor our commitments


  • We take initiative
  • We are hungry to learn
  • We are in it to win it

Team Player

  • We share ideas, resources and wins
  • We encourage one another
  • We always have each other’s back


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When I started in real estate, I joined another team. A team that promised coaching, training, accountability, a path to success. It was 9 months later and I hadn’t closed one single deal. Thats when I interviewed withThe Garcia Group. They promises all of those things and delivered! As a team they care about the success of the individual agent and give you the necessary skills and support to achieve your goals. From the coaching, support staff, and being surrounded by other agents with years of experience, I was able to go from a “new” agent to a successful agent! If you’re looking for a team that will push you to be the best agent you can be, this is the one for you!

–Chrissy Wheeler

“As a seasoned agent, I know the foundation of an amazing team, and I can say that the Garcia Group checks many of those boxes. As an agent, you are only as good as your admin team, and I can honestly say all of our admin team is amazing. They communicate are super responsive, and most importantly care about the agent. As a team leader, Becky has kept ahead of the curve and not just for her own success but for the success of those around her. My favorite part of being on this team is the amount of leverage we have with each other. There is no one on the team that isn’t willing to help each other get better! I can honestly say we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. If you are looking to level up, look no further!”

–Cindy Herrera

“It has been a big blessing to have started my real estate career with The Garcia Group! I am provided with coaching and all my individual team member’s years of experience. That has helped me become a successful “new” agent. When I started this career, I never expected to help as many families as I have….being a part of The Garcia Group helped me achieve things I thought were impossible!” 

–Sydney Mitchell


The Garcia Group provides proven systems and structure, so our agents can spend their time doing what is best for their clients.


We handle the marketing, which enables our agents to do what they do best…build relationships and sell real estate.


Our internet lead generation system supplements our agent’s sphere and referral pipeline.


We offer the best training program in the industry. We set our agents up for success.


Each agent has a dedicated Administrative Coordinator to support them in the field.

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