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Buying Your First Home: Mistakes To Avoid

Buying Your First Home: Mistakes To Avoid


Purchasing your first home can seem like a scary process.  That’s why it’s so important to work with a knowledge professional to help guide you through the process.  Also it’s important to note that a buyer does pay for their real estate agent.  There are also tons of down payment programs out there.  Feel free to reach out to The Garcia Group for more information.


Pre-Purchase Mistakes:

1. Not get pre-qualified for a loan, before you start looking for a new home.

2. Not knowing the true cost of homeownership ahead of time.

3. Not working with an experienced real estate agent.

4. Not working with a trusted lender that is well-versed in several loan products.


Once you are under contract on a home home, avoid these mistakes:

1. Making any big purchases that may change your credit score.

2. Not disclosing possible collections, etc. that may show on credit report.

3. Not having a professional home inspection done.

4. Declining to contact a final walkthrough at your new home.

5. Be sure to drive the neighborhood of your new home on weekends and weeknights.

6. Not keeping all financial papers together at all times.

Once you close on your new home, avoid these mistakes:


1. Waiting until last minute to set up utilities.

2.Not getting a home warranty.

3. Not keeping all closing documents (digital/paper) together in a safe place.

4. Not keeping updated on the market in your neighborhood (your agent is the best source).

5.Over-improving your new home.

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