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Arizona’s Best Day Trips

Arizona’s Best Day Trips

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the most visited natural attraction in the Southwestern USA and one of the seven natural wonders of the world. If you have time for only one day trip from Phoenix and have not seen it before, you should definitely make the time to visit the Grand Canyon.


One of the most popular, easy day trips from Phoenix is to the town of Sedona. Surrounded by striking red rock mountains, cut through by then meandering Oak Creek, and said to contain vortexes, Sedona is one of the most scenic and intriguing towns in the entire Southwest.

Cathedral Rock Reflection Sedona Arizona


Perched on the mountain side, looking over the valley below and distant mountains, is the former mining town of Jerome. Abandon and left to become a ghost town, Jerome has found new life through tourism.

Saguaro National Park

Hikers and anyone with the love of saguaros and desert scenery will enjoy your trip to Saguaro National Park, near Tucson. This is about a 2 Hour drive from Phoenix.

Sunset in Sonoran Desert, near Phoenix.


The historic city of Prescott makes a great day trip destination for people who want to see the old city center and enjoy your lunch for those looking for a little outdoor activity. From Phoenix to Prescott is less than a 2 Hour drive.

Tortilla Flat

Although Tortilla Flat consist of little more than a handful of buildings in a single digit population the destination attracts large numbers of day trippers who come up mainly for the ride and to enjoy lunch.

Joshua Tree National Park

For an all day outing to complete change of scenery, consider a trip to Joshua Tree National Park. This is the perfect place to see these delightful trees, as well as some incredible landscapes.


An elevation of approximately 6900 feet, Flagstaff has a dramatically different landscape and a completely different climate than Phoenix. Towering pine trees around the city, giving it an almost alpine feel.

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