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8 Ways To Get Your Home Ready To Sell

Everyone thinks they know what it takes to get their home ready to sell. However, home sellers tend to overlook the smallest details that can make or break how fast they can sell their house. Here are 8 ways you can get your home ready:

1. Wash your windows

Having clean windows will allow crystal clear light into your home and give an illusion of a bigger space. If you cannot set aside a day to clean your windows from both inside and out, I recommend having your windows professionally washed.

2. Pay attention to the details

As I’ve said before, home sellers tend to overlook the smallest details when selling their home. Take the time to replace switch plates and outlet covers with new ones. You want to repolish handles and hardware. Home sellers should also take the time to remove minor spots and scuffs on the walls.

3. Brighten up  your wall trims

Repainting wall trims can truly make an impact on your home. Dirty doors and window frames stand out and can “drag down the prettiest of rooms” (Trulia). Repainting wood-toned trim white will also make your space brighter and cleaner.

4. Create a welcoming appeal

Home sellers tend to focus on the curb appeal and forget about the entrance area. Purchase a new doormat, make sure to clean and scrub your door till it looks spotless. To add more value, we recommend repainting the door, investing in new house numbers and a new porch light (Trulia).

5. Don’t forget your side yard

Trulia states, “Turn that dead space into a selling point by creating a potting station or kitchen garden, or even set up breakfast nook with a café table and chairs.”

6. Employ scents

Create the “dream home” smell for future homebuyers. Create a homey feel by lighting scented candles throughout the home. Use lavender or vanilla scents in the bathrooms and bedrooms to create a relaxing appeal.

7. Create a unique laundry area

Wherever your laundry room is, make your laundry area look welcoming by “adding a folding surface, bins, and baskets for storage, and a design element like a fun rug or temporary wallpaper” (Trulia).

8. Tidy up the garage

To add more home value, install overhead or wall shelves for storage and organization.


Source: Trulia. “15 Easy Ways To Get Your Home Ready To Sell.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 29 Dec. 2014,


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