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    10 Things You Should Ignore While House Hunting!

    1. Homes Age

    Quality materials, classic style, charm and inherent character can be hard to find in newer builds.

    2. Paint Colors

    Repainting is cheap, easy and fast. Focus on the structure of the room, window placement, and other permanent features.

    3. Wonky Wallpaper

    It might take a little elbow grease, but wallpaper is easily replaced or covered.

    4. Kitchen Appliances

    If you leave room in the budget for new features that avocado-green fridge shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

    5. Hardware

    Drawer pulls, doorknobs and sconces are simple to update, so don’t let ugly
    ones deter you from seeing an otherwise charming room.

    6. Questionable Carpet

    Don’t cross a home off your list because of ho-hum flooring. You may have options for replacing it that won’t break the bank.

    7. Funky Odors

    Except for a serious mold problem, most smells can be eliminated with
    a powerful deep clean.

    8. Curb Appeal 

    Your agent brought you to the home for a reason: find it! Envision different landscaping or a tidy porch and you just might see the home of your dreams.

    9. Popcorn Ceilings

    Removing that curd can be messy and pricey, but it’s worth doing.

    10. Lack Of Privacy 

    Fences and hedges make great neighbors. Your agent might also have idea about possible solutions.

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